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Leslie Sarna

I am making you my version next time I see you!! I've got the recipe posted on my blog : )
I LOVE budino!! Next time you have it at Mozza you have to have it with a glass of Muscato. The balance is fantastic!


EHHNN.. Mozza's rosemary olive oil cakes w/ olive oil gelato kills this pile egg & cream. Dear DD: are you a new-ish Angeleno? This dessert has been on Mozza menu since '07 opening me thinks.

Dessert Darling

Hi SinoSoul! Firstly, I had the olive oil gelato and it was nearly perfection. But compared side by side to the Budino (which is how I had it), it was like Danielle's plain younger daughter looking up longingly to her model sister on the Real Housewives of NJ.
I've been in LA for a while, just super late on the Budino.. I've heard about it for years and finally decided to drop in for a taste ;)


Jenny, you should check out the butterscotch pudding at Gjelina sometime. I actually like it better than the budino at Mozza. And their mushroom pizza with truffle oil and goat cheese ain't too shabbe either! ;)

Dessert Darling

Hi Diana! I've had the butterscotch pudding at Gjelina- Amazing! And so is the mushroom pizza for sure :-9 I'd love to do a side by side comparison~

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