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When I go out to eat, I have to order dessert BEFORE I eat my main course meal.

Usually I don't eat sweets, but there's certain desserts I will eat before I eat the main meal occasionally.

My favorite dessert besides a Turtle Pie is a slice of brownie pie (heated for 15 seconds), one scoop of ice cream on the top, then fudge over the top of the ice cream with whipped cream topping over the top. Then to follow after that is an unbreaded chicken sandwich with Lettuce and Tomato. After that, I need my Calcium, a glass of White 2% Milk.

That is my perfect meal for the evening. Usually, I don't eat sweets, but depending on how hungry I am the above mentioned evening meal is exactly how my unorthodox eating style is.


By the way, it's very exciting to see a couple in love with each other such as yourselves. I felt that deep romantic love 10 yrs ago and even though it didn't last, I wouldn't go back and change a thing. I will always remember what is was like to love a person as much as they loved me back. The only part that sucked was discovering who that person was you fell in love with and wondering where they went while you're sitting next to that same body. You can only love a person until they hurt you more than you love them.

It seems you two are very happy together and help each other stay happy and that's what makes a marraige last. I feel you two have the ingredients it takes to stay a successful married couple for the rest of your lives. It's not just the effort you put toward your marraige but towards life itself which I believe makes two individuals happy together forever.

When you see your partner putting so much effort into life to make it as enjoyable as possible, it makes you want to match your partners effort making yourselves even happier. It makes me very happy to see couples like you.


My first post I read and as usual I read it later to find the 'matter of fact' reason for posting the comment MISSING.

I'm so scattered brained sometimes and yet can be one of the biggest intellects in the room when I become tunnel visioned.

Anyways, I posted my first comment as a response to your sentence 'Even my guy agreed, and he never likes sweets (I know, crazy).' So posted my oddity pertaining to chocolate.

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