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Lynn @ The Actors Diet

girl i get it! it ain't sugar-free, but i have a recipe on my site for brownies with added fiber/lower fat with box mix/black beans:


I've so been there before! At my brother's Christmas party this year, I definitately ate 3 Sprinkles cupcakes -- plus two white chocolate chip pumpkin cookies!! -- in one sitting.

Nice to know I'm not the only one who can devour a box of cupcakes! :)

Thanks for the post - you really are the Dessert Darling.


Commenting on your Facebook account is a function I don't have permission to do.


Just testing signing in with my FB account and commenting to see if it addresses me using my name or my alias email address. Twitter signs in as ISUcommunity, my screen name. Why wouldn't FB sign in as Rick Tinto instead of the first part of my email address, Wildboy92004, which was made when my son was in his terrible two's being a wild child and then using his birth month, September (9), and birth year, 2004.

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