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recipe here!

Though the idea of having a massive multi-serving tub of banana pudding in my fridge just might be the worst idea of the year.


Wow, I would've thought that was ice cream just by looking at the picture. That DOES look creamy, nothing like the pudding I'm used to. Drool!


I actually thought it was whipped cream when I first started eating it! When I realized it was pudding, it totally floored me! Amazing dessert!


Yummy! I went to Magnolia over the weekend as well and it's so cute! I only had cupcakes though...I love banana pudding so I will definitely need to make a trip back soon!


Sorry, I must disagree. This pudding left a horrible after taste in my mouth. It tasted very artificial to me. It was a big disappointment.

Dessert Darling

Oh no Lynn! Did you get a bad batch? Did I have a super batch?! I think we need to further investigate this- do a joint tasting! Perhaps compare and contrast with the banana pudding from Toast up the street for a frame of reference!


I went to Magnolia over the weekend as well and it's so cute!

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