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Leslie Sarna

You are too funny!! I love pinches tacos. And there is actually a "pink taco" in the century city mall! (it's not bad either)
But totally ironically, I came home last night craving a milkshake too, so I made a homemade strawberry shake from some strawberry ice cream I just made : )


My friend loooves Pinches tacos! Even sober! ;)

I haven't had a fast food milk shake in forever! My favorite were always the chocolate from Dairy Queen though. Delish!


I love love pinches! best shrimp tacos ever!! need to try the desserts!!

carlos presteguin

jajajaj hello ...i am from mexico ...and i have to tell you a lot about my country and the real meaning of "pinches" ...jajaj you will lought a lot when i tell you it......add me in facebook....

have a nice day‚ô•...

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