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Leslie Sarna

I could not agree with you more!!!!!


I totally "GET IT" and agree with you 100% Jenny! I've been there, done that. After gaining 50lbs of pregnancy weight, I did everything to try to lose the weight. Long story short, nothing worked until I went back to eating the way I did and not caring about weight. My friends always ask, how the heck do you eat so much but still stay so skinny? I always say I just eat, my body takes care of the rest. But I also understand and get that what works for one may not work for another.

Lynn @ The Actors Diet

yay for real food!


HUGE fan of this post! And my favorite lunchtime turkey-avocado sandwich thanks you. :)


Jenny, this is a great post!! thank you for it! I could not agree more!!! you are so right on!
I also think that making a point in being active every whether its a walk to the mailbox, taking stairs or a quick jog is always helpful too!!
I try to incorporate some form of exercise everyday to keep my body burning and working!


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The crazy factor was, the more I just ate whatever created me satisfied in when, the less of a activity title meals became, and the thinner my body began looking.

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