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This is the post I've been waiting for. My one kryptonite, soda. I can go cold turkey on anything but that. I even thought about getting a SodaStream at one point.
I actually just started drinking MonaVie so that may help me kick my pop addiction as I don't want to flush my money and efforts down the drain by continuing to indulge in such nasty chemicals. How ironic would that be to drink both. Thank you for this post and your great tips DD!


Bravo! I so agree. I will occasionally have a coke or ginger ale when I'm not feeing well, but never any diet soda. I don't like ingesting chemicals! Unless it's red food dye in a slice of red velvet cake. ;)


Great post! you are dead on!! I gave up diet coke for Perrier or Pellegrino. I add fresh Strawberries or lemon for flavor and I get the same satisfaction I would from an actual soda. Another one of my fav things to do: add ginger and honey to sparkling water for a natural "ginger ale"

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