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Leslie Sarna

How disappointing! I love their food, but I've never tried a dessert and now I know to skip it and save the calories! Thanks DD!


I agree!
However, I will say that my Mom is obsessed with their coconut cupcakes.
I fly with a box of Joan's coconut cupcakes every time I go home to Dallas.


Joan's on Third's cupcakes really are tragically underwhelming! They look like they have so much potential, but I haven't had a single cupcake from there that hasn't been dry. I stick with their bars - the lemon bar and magic bar specifically. They're always a win for me! :) Also love their chocolate dream cookie - the perfect size for a small post-tuna melt treat!


I sm sll sbout Joan's torta di bosco which basicakky is angel foodcake with a layer of cream and lots of yummy berries!!!

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