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Leslie Sarna

Ok DD, Someone should have told you the best part of Al Gelato is not the gelato, but in fact the yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It is the best yellow cake I've ever had. We'll have to go back so you aren't tainted forever with their very mediocre gelato.
For the best gelato you've got to hit up Pazzo Gelato in Silverlake.

Dessert Darling

Ooh- good tip Leslie! I wonder how Pazzo Gelato will compare with Paciugo Gelato! Love the yellow-cake date idea at Al Gelato's in the meantime ;)


Second Leslie - Pazzo Gelato is my favorite gelato in the city!

Sorry to hear that the gelato at Al's doesn't live up to expectations! I've been curious to try it, but guess I'll just stick to Pazzo for now!

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