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Great tips DD! I HAVE tried to starve myself to lose weight before and actually ended up gaining weight!? So the part about your metabolism slowing when you starve yourself definitely rings true for me. I now eat whatever I want, when I want. This way, I find myself less likely to over indulge on something. With that said, I AM an EATER, but my body has learned to adjust (thankfully). Have a great Thursday!


The soda monster is now under control. Best thing I've ever cut out of my life!

Dessert Darling

Ohmygosh- Lequan! I'm so excited to hear it!!! Wow- that is a huge adjustment! Have you noticed a difference? Have you found alternatives to soda that you love.. or now that you go without it, do you not even miss it?


I too am a girl who LOVES dessert. There's always room, right? Thank goodness I have a cheerleading outfit I need to fit in to, (and thanks to my wonderful gym and a toddler to chase around) so whenever I want something naughty, I think of my two piece or the extra workout I need to endure for that little bit of extra calories!


No alternatives! Just water. I don't even think about it anymore, just reach for a glass and automatically fill it with water. I just don't like diet pops so it's the real thing or nothing at all for me. Weird that I don't even have cravings anymore. And I know it's under control cause I had a sip about a week ago and did not crave it anymore. It actually didn't taste as good as it used to - weird!

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