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I absolutely love macarons! You're definitely right about half the charm of macarons being playful colors and flavors. That's what attracted me to these little delights in the first place. I'm such an easy sell sometimes :-). Hope your next macarons experience is much much better.


Wait,I've been there and had delicious raspberry and pistachio macaroons that were in fun colors. I love their macaroons! So sad your experience wasn't better.

Maggie @ Flour Child

Hello Darling! Thanks for the blog love. Giving some right back -- you and your blog are divine! Blog stalking to commence shortly.

We stopped by Miette last year, and although we didn't try their macarons (we were stuffed!), I completely agree about macarons needing a hefty dose of lightness and whimsy. Nothing comes close to Pierre Herme in Paris (I died and went to heaven that day), but Bottega Louie's are pretty fab. But I haven't tried Paulette's, which are now on my list.

Re: the Buzz Buzz cookies, if you're inclined, shoot me an email (flourchildblog at gmail dot com), and I'll get some to you...


It was great meeting you at blogHer Food.

I'm glad you posted about the macarons. I wonder if our wet climate would be a problem keeping the dry melt-in-your-mouth quality from happening. Being at the Ferry building right AT the water can't help either.

Dessert Darling

Hi Tricia! Perhaps the climate plays a role in the macarons consistency, but also I think the shape didn't help the cause. These cookies were relatively small and tall, versus more disc-like and flat. The flavors were great, but consistency and fun? Not so much...

Casey! They did have some with raspberry fillings, which added some color, but they didn't have any greens macarons when I was there, so I used an image that represented my experience.

Thanks for your comments ladies! :)

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