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Victoria (District Chocoholic)

Woah, these look like mini whoopie pies. Awesome.

Awake and Living

Thanks DD for the rocken shout-out and the 5 cherries!!!! So happy you enjoyed them!!! I will make sure to create a new amazing dessert receipt for you to critique very soon! xxx <3

Leslie Sarna

Oooooh!! I want one!!

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At Frank

School gardens as a way to keep migrant farm worker’s children down is not the point of the article. She was trying to engage readers and point out the absurdity (in her opinion, not mine) of the circumstances; I did not read anything that pointed to conspiracy theory.

To me, the most important issue is whether or not research has been done on the efficacy of the programs. They cost money for schools (with little of it and less time in the day), so they should be well vetted before installed. She writes that there is no evidence that school gardens positively impact test scores. That answer skirts the question of whether the gardens are successful in other, equally important ways. I'm sure you are right and good research has been done, I am just not quite as familiar with it.

Finally, I don't know the authors of The Atlantic so I won't speculate on their editorial decisions, but for what it is worth, I have seen articles from Caitlin Flannigan in the majority of last years issues.

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