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The Actors Diet

don't they have a frozen option too?!


HORRIBLE! I just walked six blocks to Trader Joe's to buy a pumpkin pie after reading that it was the best super market pumpkin pie in town. Pies and cakes were set out on a table and everything was supposedly "freshly baked." Well! When I got home I cut a slice and got a rude surprise! The crust was uncooked-just raw dough! The filling was runny. This pie was just awful. The remainder of the pie is in the garbage.

Dessert Darling

Ugh, I'm so sorry you had to deal with disappointing pie! Too bad you didn't see my post first!! Hopefully I can help out next time :)


Would love to hear your thoughts on TJ's frozen pumpkin pie. I tried it this year after my mom requested I buy it. Not sure how you feel about frozen pies. It was ok, but again I'm not the expert.

Cheap Jordans

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