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lynn @ the actors diet

i wonder how if the astro burger on santa monica has it too?!?


Hi DD! Thank you for that rice pudding vlog review! Watching it felt kind of like I was just hanging out with such a fun, beautiful person with so much passion for life, who always has great tips on desserts (which I'm also very passionate about)!
As a rule, I no longer go on facebook in the day, but I wanted to reply to your email about the frequency generator software ...I was able to find a few FREE downloads online that look really simple (my software has quite a lot more options but it really is meant to go with the machine that comes with it, so it might confuse you more than anything).
Here are some generators you can look over:

Then just punch in the frequencies found here:


cross reference / by hertz number:

Hope you are on the mend! Have a wonderful time in NY & DC! I just got back from there last week and always have so much fun visiting the Capital! We were there for sunshiny Valentines' week and literally got free desserts every restaurant we went to, not to mention, I told our room service at the Ritz how much we loved the chocolate they placed by our bed every night, and they were kind enough to bring us bags of it which we still are enjoying to this day!!
My favorite dessert was the variety platter they brought to us at Charlie Palmer Steak by the Capitol which included 2 each of ganache truffles, turkish delightish cubes, and chocolate covered strawberries! I recommend that restaurant for best ambiance and most delicious food I've had so far in DC! Hope you can try it!



Thank you for that rice pudding vlog review!

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