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I love this concept! We've got alcoholic chocolates, why not cupcakes? Duh! What a great idea! Your picture didn't show up for me so I clicked on your Swizzle Cakes link. These look so good! I not a big fan of lots of frosting or icing, but mix in some alcohol and that may be a whole different story. Ok I better hush up now before I make myself sound like an alcoholic (if not already). Ha! These would be such a great idea to bring to a party instead of jello shots :-D


hi there! i found you from the LWL newsletter! I left a comment on your youtube channel too! cute blog!

Ann Fisher

Saw you in the LWL, was intrigued enough to watch the clip.....great idea! You have wonderful energy and a great concept.Hope to see you on a network! Will tell friends about the Swizzle Cakes!

Best wishes.
Ann Fisher
[email protected]


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