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First of all this David guy is super cute on top of being super informative!!
I would add my home made almond financier to that list as I make them with almond flower, full of protein!

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Finally, the recipe called for instant yeast and had multiple rises? Totally wacky. Instant yeast is supposed to be used for one-rise breads. Maybe try again with active dry yeast. The steps of the recipes read fine for using that.

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My friend from Awake and Living sent me this wonderful little article by David Zinczenko about 7 Desserts That Fight Fat. Now that's my kinda guy! He basically states that sugar aside, ice-cream boasts calcium, an element that can actually block the absorption of fatty acids in the digestive track. Go Calcium! Furthermore, each half-cup has choline, which could aid in diminishing your risk of heart disease or stroke by lowering an amino acid called homocysteine. Wow- all I know is that ice-cream always makes me feel more calm and happier. The author goes on to list America's 7 best desserts that offer nutritional substance. The treat that I'm most excited to try from his list is Wendy's Jr. Original Chocolate Frosty!


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